Hi, I'm Emma! I love making things for people to use.

When I'm not making I'm learning– currently studying branding and type design. Find me on instagram and twitter or check out my gallery of current favs!
Moderator in the Type Haus
Spring 2021–Present
Since December 2020 I’ve been an active part of the Type Haus, an online and international community of designers of all disciplines/levels. I became a Moderator in March 2021. Duties include facilitating design discussions, planning community events, and resolving conflicts. This is a volunteer position.
Intern for Stephen Coles at Fonts In Use
Summer 2021–Present
I recently started helping Mr. Coles by sorting through his drafts at Fonts In Use. I add relevant tags to each use, then write blurbs to add context. This involves identifying/researching the type, adding and linking additional images, and proofreading existing text.
Contracted Designer at Valens Point LLC
Summer 2018–Summer 2021
Freelance work alongside the head of design at Valens Point, with whom I redesigned the company logo, website, and collateral. Other responsibilities included speaking directly with clients, spearheading website redesigns, and managing the company newsletter.
Web Designer at Furious Flower Poetry Center
January 2019–May 2019
Coded a high-fidelity archive website alongside 6 student designers and a faculty lead. We worked with 30+ non-design students and faculty to create a solution that was best-suited to hold all of the material in the archive.
James Madison University
BFA in Graphic Design
Graduated May 2020
Student at Umbau School
Vienna Summer Studio 2019
Vienna, Austria
Adobe CC (Ai, Id, Ps, Xd, Lr)
Type Design (GlyphsApp)

Art Direction